Baseball Trade Show

Strike - Simply Amazing

Strike Smart Baseball attracted more than four major league team staff within the first three hours of the trade show. We picked up a lot of information from these team staff, and it helped us a lot on our business strategy. Also, we had player in 3A level showed up to try out our smart baseball. Not only the teams in the MLB, there are a few professional teams from Asia as well.

It was a very productive day for Team Strike because we acquired interests from 11 major league organizations.  We also got our backer from kickstarter to visit us and we found out they were from Mets organization, which was a huge surprise for us. There were many people from minor league organizations visited our booth and tried Strike in our pitching cage. The spotlight of the day goes to a guest from Yankees organization because he threw a knuckle ball with only 308 RPM! 

More and more people stopped by our booth and tried our product out. We were glad to have some kids visited our booth to try Strike and they liked it! We also got a few interests from distributors and retailers which will help us engage the market in the near future.

We were glad people really like our product and they kept bringing their friends to come visit us at the booth. We really appreciate everyone’s visit and liked our product. All the hard work we put in is to bring a solid product to our customers.