Key to make you perfection.

Since STRIKE is released on the market, we have been recognized by many baseball enthusiasts, and is very honored to be invited to co-host many baseball training camps worldwide, including Taiwan, Japan, and USA. In such training camp, trainee not only can be instructed from professional baseball coaches, but deriving an advanced analysis report as well. From the analysis report technically produced by STRIKE team, it can provide a deep insight of the player’s pitch quality in a more scientific way.

Baseball is a sports which chases for a great precision and always makes our blood racing. A pitcher particularly holds a key to the match. Through one on one instruction, STRIKE would help you understand your strength and weakness better. Not just “feeling” your improvement, STRIKE scientific analysis data is capable of giving more quantitative metrics to identify your growth.
Metrics including velocity, spin rate, rotational axis, 3D trajectory and etc.

Let STRIKE be your personal training assistant. It can record your every pitch data to sketch your progression. Coaches would be able to give you a better adjustment which fits you well. It can be also used in offensive and defensive strategies where referred from your analysis report. STRIKE can make you know your goals more clearly and understand your progression curve, and in this way, we believe that you will become the key to win the match !

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