STRIKE 2.0 - Software subscription plan

STRIKE 2.0 - Software subscription plan

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Experience new features through software subscription plans!


Six new functions


  • First create catcher/infielder pass training data

Include catcher's pop time, exchange time, bounce time and the spin rate of passing.
Also can use for infielder's passing time, exchange time and the spin rate of passing.


  • More powerful pitcher pitch analysis 

New detection for Pitcher's release time, pitch travel time and advanced data of 3D spin and axis.


  • Training report

A4 player training report. Generate reports by recording and integration data from pitchers, catchers and infielders.
It is more convenient to print out the paper report directly.

* This is the feature of coach subscription plan.


  • Video review and marking

Video and data detection are synchronized and automatically edited, and data and edited videos can be obtained at the same time.
Review and mark videos in slow motion with recording date and data to help you record the effectiveness of each training session.

* Video marking is the feature of coach subscription plan.
* The team subscription plan can upload 100 videos/month; the coach subscription plan can upload 1000 videos/month.


  • Multi-account management

You can browse and record the data of multiple users at the same time without difficult steps, so that the data no longer causes confusion.

*Team subscription plan can log 5 players; coach subscription plan can log 30 players.


  • Fan engagement:

Exclusive designed functions for schools, training centers and teams make training no longer boring.
Players can rank different data with friends and teammates, training together and have fun together. 
You can even use it as a good tool for recruiting new members.

* This is the feature of coach subscription plan.


Comparison table of STRIKE 2.0 hardware and software subscription plans

Purchase item introduction

Item Includes Price
Team Plan Team plan - 1 year $68
Coach Plan Coach plan - 1 year $205